Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sexy stuff....

     Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. I can hear the weather outside has calmed down.
   Merriam is the name of the woman and  Josh is the name of the man. No one's home so I decide im feeling rather curios tonight. so up the stair I go...
     When I get to the living room I decide the first place to explore is the drawers next to the DVDs. I pull the first one open. DVDs. Mostly recent romcoms and a few indie flick. then the second drawer, CD. Then, the last drawer , horror and a few thrillers. Nothing out of the ordinary.
      upstairs, i look around and head to the bathroom. a stack of Maxim and Vogue with a few of Cosmo.
i go in to the look through the drawer nothing out of the ordinary until.... I head into the closet.
There it was, dark and sultry. Stuck out against the background of frilly dresses and neutral slacks.
 It was gorgeous so beautiful. I held out my finger tips and touched the smooth and almost petal like texture. I flicked on the light and its beauty became even more apparent it was a corset  It was red and black as Lacey and beautiful as can be. It was the most beautiful one i have ever seen. But i dint take dear M to be the type to wear some thing that doesn't look oatmeal or cat vomit.
   I though about trying it on but Merriam is 4'9 and has impossibly large boobs (no homo :P). Well I headed downstairs and got on my old  desk top computer to start working on an assignment I'm almost done when I lean back and hear my old green computer chair whine like old house about to fall down. Instead of think "Damn, I need a new chair"  I think  "3 day water fast starting NOW!"
So join in my liquid/ water fast if you'd like.